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Welcome to InDreamsPoetry


When the perfect words are hard to find

when you don’t have the words to say

For a special occasion that really counts

Let “In Dreams Poetry” find a way

Of sharing all you feel inside

with a perfect verse to share

For your wedding , a birthday, a get well soon

to show how much you care

A personalised poem to mark the event

whether one full of tears or laughter

To say hello, welcome to the world

or live happily ever after.

For even the saddest of goodbyes

when from one you love you have to part

a perfect verse or a eulogy

to share what’s in your heart.

Whatever the event, for an occasion that counts

to remember as more than memory

Unique words for your unique day.

With “In Dreams Poetry”.

Examples of our Poetry

Copyright InDreamsPoetry 2013

indreamspoetry poetry for weddings & anniversaries poetry for birthdays poetry for new baby & christenings poetry for au revoir poetry for funeral & memoriam